DON’T FORGET THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Forget to Vote!!!!!!!!! Mixed media, 2022

The holidays are upon us! Remember- you can send gifts late. As long as you send it, people are happy. It’s like a little surprise. The best holiday we have to offer, in my modest opinion, HALLOWEEN, is just around the corner.

Halloween is an American-made mashup from the old country. It absorbs traditions and folklore from everyone who lives here. If you can trace your ancestry back thousands of generations, if you’ve been here awhile or recently gained citizenry, your story will be gleaned and mixed into the fold; as long as it’s scary and sexy. You know what else is incredibly sexy? The United States All-American Postal Service.

This popular holiday, galvanized into something beautiful by Charles Schultz, has some great perks. It’s all-inclusive; anyone can celebrate, and there is NO GUILT associated with this holiday and no particular way to celebrate. It’s a free-for-all. The dinner menu is completely made up, off the cuff, no traditional staples. You don’t have to fly home for two days or call anyone before sitting down to eat or open presents.

Not that it’s mandatory, but sending care packages on Halloween is strongly encouraged. Whatever you send, make sure you either make it yourself or shop local. That’s important; SHOP LOCAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pack plenty of glitter in the box and spray the entire thing down with different kinds of essential oils, because people love that.

***One last thing; don’t forget to vote on November 8th for your pro-choice, pro-bodily autonomy, environmentally conscious candidates.

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