She Was Twenty-Two

Moon and Star, 4”x 4”, printout of Islamic design, cut paper, gesso, cardboard, glue 2022

Mahsa Amini was twenty-two years old. She died in Tehran after being detained by police representing an extremist faction of Islam. She died on September sixteenth, 2022.

Someone said they always go after the women first. The extremists always go after the women.

The world is smaller than we thought; now we can see, in real-time, how an event on one side of the planet can find its way home. She was someone’s daughter, meaning she could have been yours. We take care of our own.

Please contact your local representatives, members of Congress, and state senators. Respectfully insist they demand the United Nations hold Iran accountable for the atrocious and violent acts against Iranian women. Insist further that the Biden Administration holds Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Raisi responsible for the heinous acts of violence against the citizens of Iran.

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